Turn key solution

    Service is provided by offering a turn-key solution, including procurement solutions, projects and/or daily replenishment. This is supported by the following framework of products and services;

    • A comprehensive product range in order to meet the needs and demands of the hospitality and catering industries, and remote accommodation sites.
    • Consultation to assist buyers with product identification, interior décor planning, layout plans, installation, and project management. A detailed specification and project plan is provided to ensure the solution meets all requirements.
    • Pre-Site Inspection; to ensure product and design meet with local environmental conditions.
    • Consolidation of all products, and delivery to the customer’s premises
    • Construction, Installation and commissioning on the customer’s premises
    • Turn-key solutions are provided for projects and developments, refurbishments and remote site services, or specific products or services.
    • Complete Camp Management for remote sites.
    • On-going product support and maintenance.
    • Procurement Outsource Solutions; Management of procurement through an open book policy

    Our objective is to remove the “hassle” factor involved in identifying, sourcing, ordering and distribution of hospitality and catering products, and remote site infrastructure requirements and management. This is achieved by providing a turn-key service, value for money, and high quality products with on-going back up service.


    Our service approach covers all elements of service delivery, from requirements gathering through to quotation, sourcing, consolidation, delivery, construction, installation, commissioning, project management, camp management and on-going support.

    Management of the process
    • Consultation will be carried out with the client to identify needs and requirements. A detailed proposal detailing all facets of the project will be submitted for approval.
    • Camp Design; will take place on completion of the consultation process
    • Project Plans; on approval of the project, a project plan will be drawn up which will be the controlling document to manage all processes and activities between all relevant parties.
    • Service delivery is managed by our operations department to ensure that all activities are appropriately planned, and successfully delivered through continual process tracking and project management.
    • Order Tracking and communication with customers is facilitated through internal administrators, who interface closely with operations. This ensures the customer can be kept up to date with the status of their orders, and each customer is allocated an administrator for this purpose.
    • Consolidation and Delivery; Consolidation of products to facilitate a single delivery to the customer’s premises. This includes small orders, through to multiple container deliveries throughout Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.
    • Quality; Service is supported and managed in accordance with CPS’s Total Quality Management principles. This includes the use of high quality materials and merchandise, with on-going service back up for all products in our range. Where required, and or applicable, products carrying international standards qualifications are used.
    • Construction; Based on the project plan, construction will be carried out in order to meet deadlines and customer requirements.
    • Installation & Commissioning; on completion of construction, installation of equipment will be carried out, testing and commissioning, and a structured hand over and training completed, with training manuals where applicable
    • Camp Management; should a complete solution including camp management be taken, an orientation of the camp and its facilities will be provided to guests, and keys to their new home be handed over.