Depending on the nature of the camp, as well as environmental conditions; the following prefabricated solutions will be offered;
    • Container housing; Complete prefabricated modules, suitable for more mobile / temporary requirements
    • Sandwich panels, erected on a concrete slab
    • A combination of the above, where specific units such as Refrigeration, Water & Sewerage Treatment, Laundry and sundry may be provided in self-contained units.
    Sizing and specification will be designed according to customer requirements, and will cover the following components making up a camp:
    • Number of personnel to be housed
    • Grade of personnel, and requirements designed accordingly
    • Accommodation (Houses, dormitories, ablutions etc)
    • Ablutions
    • Laundry
    • Kitchen & Catering
    • Dining
    • Entertainment
    • Reception & Administration
    • Medical Facilities
    • Security
    • Maintenance & Warehousing
    Peripheral requirements to complete a working camp will be covered, as follows;
    • Electrical reticulation including generators
    • Water reticulation
    • Sewerage and water treatment
    • Plants and reticulation
    • Waste control and incineration plants
    • Perimeter fencing
    • Internal roads and or walkways
    • Communications systems
    Catering & Kitchenware Equipment

    Our catering and kitchen range is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for industrial catering solutions. Products include industrial kitchen equipment, crockery, cutlery, glassware, cookware, kitchenware, food service and sundry items. Spare parts and continuity of product is a key factor in our overall product range

    Sundry Products

    Sundry products include Television sets, Parasols, laundry equipment, and other products, to enable a turn-key solution to be provided where required.


    A broad range of furniture for the hospitality and catering industries is offered. This includes restaurant, conferencing, public seating, office furniture, guest rooms, self-catering and hospitality environments.

    Beds and Mattresses

    A range of beds and mattresses specifically designed for the rigorous demands of the hospitality industry are offered, including different qualities to match the class of establishment, or required specification.

    Soft Furnishings
    • Bed Linen

      We manufacture a wide range of linen products, aimed specifically at the hospitality industry. These are available in high quality 100% cotton percales, poly cotton percales and, poly cotton qualities. Products include; sheets, duvets, pillows, mattress and pillow protectors, throws and blankets in a variety of different qualities.

    • Table Linen

      Table linen is manufactured in a variety of different qualities, colours and fabrics. Products include table linen, skirting, runners and chair covers, aimed at conferencing, restaurant and canteen applications.

    • Sundry Linen

      Sundry linen such as bath robes, scatter cushions and curtains are offered to make up a comprehensive solution for different d├ęcor requirements.

    • Towels

      Towels, for high usage industries such as the hospitality industry are offered. These towels come in 380gm, 440gm, and 550gm densities, in snag proof or woven qualities.

    • Amenities

      A comprehensive range of hospitality amenities and accessories, such as shampoos, shower caps, coat hangers, luggage racks, trolleys, and other amenities are offered.


    Camp Management Services

    Once a camp has been built and completed, the most important aspect of the project comes into play, which is to provide an environment where people can enjoy a home away from home.

    The two most important aspects of such an environment are comfort and food. Providing such an environment falls under our Camp Management Services, and consist of two key components;

    Camp Management

    The objective behind the camp management solution is to provide a camp which is clean, comfortable, and safe. This will include the following services;

    • House Keeping;
    • Laundry Services
    • Maintenance
    • Security
    • Cleaning Services
    • Recreation
    • Administration
    • Communications
    • Procurement
    • Logistics
    Catering Services

    The most important aspect of keeping a remote workforce happy and productive is making sure they are fed properly and are kept healthy.

    In conjunction with the clients taste and budget, nutritional menus are developed, offering a cost effective and balanced meal to their work force. Our catering service includes the following;

    • Meal provision
    • Bar Services
    • Shop
    Energy Efficiency Services

    In addition to a well-managed camp site, we offer additional energy efficiency services and power management in the form of:

    • Solar and Wind Energy
    • Smart metering; for remote control of your energy requirements
    • Backup Power needs
    • Continued Carbon Footprint management